~:::~ Terms Of Use ~:::~

Welcome to the terms section.

I´m going to do this short and hope I´m not repeating myself :-).
Be sure to read them


First of all: You must have a kidsafe site. No porn, rasism or other
things that can be disturbing.

You can not claim that you have the copyright to this graphic, because
I have that.

You may under no circumstances use the tubes to make profit of them. You
may not use them to make webgraphic for sale. Neither use them for stationarys,
put them on cd-collections nor use them for printing. This is for the free tubes.

The graphic you buy are yours to do what you want with. Of course,
you can not claim that you are the original artist, or put them on cd-collections.

You have to link back to http:swedishlane.se on the page that you use
the graphic. Either you use a logo or a little textlink. That includes
SigTags. For the tubes it´s ok with a link from a linkpage on your site.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to mail me. I will answer you gladly.

If you think there is any copyright violation, please contact me personal at swATswedishlane.se.
That also includes if you think I have done any copyright violation.